Fitness: The benefits of cycling

fyoAccording to recent reports cycling to work could boost your health significantly and it could even halve the amount of sick days that you take off each year.

The Transport Charity surveyed cyclists to reveal that nearly 68% of them haven’t had a sick day in the last year. In my opinion this is a bonus as sickness can really halt a training plan and throw you off course for a good few weeks. More than this, by cycling to work you will be adding to your training schedule!

It is now thought that the charity is encouraging the UK governments to recognise the economic value and health benefits of cycling to work by setting a minimum standard of facilities and support that workplaces should provide for those commuting by bike. This means more showers at work, bike parking and offering access to a bike purchase schemes. The lack of showers and bike parking are certainly barriers to this cycling to work, so it would be a fantastic addition to any office.

In my opinion we can all win from this scheme and that’s why I wanted to highlight it. Better facilities will mean that more people will have the opportunity to fit additional exercise into their daily routine. The fact that this could also boost the health of more people in the UK is great, and if it benefits employers because fewer people are taking sick days that’s good too as it’ll mean that they will have more money for additional staff facilities!


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