Good food ideas

Picture1We all know the nutritional value of food from what we see on the TV but sometimes items that aren’t that healthy can be branded and packaged to look good for you. According to recent research even calories are sometimes deceptive. I mean let’s face it who really has the time to read all of the nutritional information on food packaging?

Me either – so here’s the low down a few food items that are healthy but can cause weight gain:

Olive oil- it helps to reduce bad cholesterol and improve your immune system but each table spoon has 119 calories in it. Four table spoons of olive oil is one quarter of a women’s daily calorie consumption

Fruit juices – don’t drink too much, just 250ml is the same as three oranges that’s 110 calories!!

Dried food – it sounds like a good alternative to chocolate and crisps but by removing the fluid in food it increases the calorie content so don’t over indulge.

Nuts – a great protein source but also packed with calories. Stick to a small handful of almonds

Spreads – it doesn’t matter what the adverts say Nutella and Peanut Butter is not healthy. Both of them have more calories than jam.

Bananas – a medium banana has 100 calories. I’m not saying don’t eat them but it’s good to know how many calories that they contain.

Yogurts – a small yogurt contains approximately 250 calories so this is an item that you definitely need to double check before you purchase it

Breakfast cereal – they are calorific and it’s really difficult to just stick to 30g (which is 110 calories!). Weetabix is a good option as its portion controlled.

Smoothies – take notice of the milk/ yogurt variety. Smoothies should be seen as a meal replacement as they are full of calories

Salad dressings – some salads dressings can increase the calories of a healthy meal to more than the calories contained in the meal. A teaspoon of dressing can provide up to 80 calories so use it cautiously and sparingly.


2 thoughts on “Good food ideas

  1. Sean M

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I’ve been talking about Nutella for YEARS! People seem to think that sludge is a healthy alternative. It’s nothing but caloric CRAP!!!

    Do you mind if I repost this on my blog?

    • carlimariepalmer

      Sure. Go for it. Thank you. I know the fact that it contains milk and nuts isn’t enough to make it a healthy snack!

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