Easy Snacking Options

deHere are a few options that’ll help make your snacking decisions easier:

Gluten-free bread – bread isn’t great for anyone, it’s difficult to digest and the wheat in some types of bread can lead to constipation. To prevent some of the negative side effects of bread try gluten-free options.

Homemade milkshake – after a long run if you don’t have the appetite or energy to make yourself a snack a homemade milkshake can be the next best option. It contains carbohydrates, proteins, and calcium. It’s not something that you should enjoy after every run but it’s a good alternative when you just can’t be bothered.

Omega 3 (found in oily fish and nuts) – if you can feel yourself coming down with a cold then stock up on oily fish or nuts. The Omega 3 found in these food products can benefit your heart and boost your immune system.

Apples and pears – if you need a healthy snack to keep you feeling fuller for longer during the day then indulge in an apple and a pear. It’ll give you a boost and it that’s two of your five-a-day out of the way.


One thought on “Easy Snacking Options

  1. Cocina Artista/ IronBlade

    Great educational post! not many know about the bread being hard to digest nice 1 🙂

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