Beauty insider

14Today I thought I’d share a few more tips from my lovely beautician at
Headonist, who was keen for me to share her insider knowledge with you.

Here are her top five beauty fixes:

1. Keep an anti-ageing eye cream in the fridge. The cold cream will work its
way into your skin a lot quicker and this will also help to reduce puffy eyes.

2. Neal’s Yard Remedies Almond Oil is a great natural oil if you suffer with
dry skin. You can also use it on your hands for extra condition.

3. After a workout it’s important to reduce any signs of cellulite. You can aid
this with a sculpting cream that contains caffeine. Apply it straight after a
post-workout shower for the best results.

4. A few table spoons of Apple Cider – which I recently found in Holland &
Barrett in the UK – can prevent blemishes on the skin.  It’s not something
she recommends for everyday use but for the days leading up to an important

5. To prevent split ends try to use snag-free hair toggles, or and toggles that
have metal in them as they rub your head during exercise which can cause your
hair to break.


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