Health: The importance of fibre

healthy-nutsResearch suggests that the average UK adult eats 27% less fibre than the recommended daily amount. Fibre is great for reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes so it’s something we should all be eating regularly.

Both soluble (oats, beans and peas) and insoluble fibre (potatoes, wholegrain and nuts) can help to ease constipation. But soluble fibre is more beneficial as it helps your body to form useful substances in the gut. It can also help your body maintain healthy levels of cholesterol and slow sugar absorption.

Fibre can also make meals less energy dense with fewer calories in a given volume.

The right amount of fibre is important to balance your hormone levels so you should aim to have at least 24g of fibre in your diet on a daily basis. Ideally, you want 60% insoluble and 40% soluble and you can achieve this if you switch to wholegrain rice and eat raw nuts.


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