Beauty: exercise ready hair

oscars arrivals 20 250208Hair care presents a major barrier for women when it comes to exercise. Sweat creates a salt build up on the hair and scalp leaving it dry and brittle, and wearing tight up do hairstyles for exercise can put extra pressure on your roots, leaving hair susceptible to falling out. This isn’t a reason to stop exercising though simply opt for a loose braid instead of a tight do.

I recommend a simple bun or plaited ponytail.

For a bun turn your head upside down and gather it around the crown of your head, and then secure it with a metal free hair bobble. Plait the ponytail by splitting your hair into three sections. Cross the outside sections over the middle piece in turn until you reach the end of your hair. Holding the end of your plait, twist it around the crown of your head to make a bun shape and secure with another metal free band.

For the pony hairstyle – brush your hair back away from your face. Take a 5cm section of hair at the centre of your forehead and split into 3 sections. Take the left section under the centrepiece so it now lies in the centre. Next take the right section under the centrepiece until it lies in the centre. Keep doing this, taking extra hair with each piece until all the hair on top of your head is in the plait. Tie it at the centre of your head with a metal free bobble. Finish by tying your loose hair to the plait as a pony with another bobble.


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