How to be exercise ready

1. After a tough workout have a sports massage. This will improve your blood flow and aid nutrient delivery to your muscles which will result in your muscles feeling less stiff. A good sports massage will reduce your muscle tightness and improve your body’s posture. If, like me, you can’t afford a sports massage every week get a foam roller. It’s a brilliant DIY sports massage tool.

2. It can be beneficial to follow a demanding training session with light exercise such as a gentle walk to boost your circulation and that help to flush out your body’s toxins. Alternatively you can switch between a hot and cold shower after a workout as this will boost your body’s blood flow.

3. Stretching after a workout can help your muscles to repair. It also helps to increase your body’s blood flow and reduce lactic acid build up that can induce fatigue. If you can’t fit this in after a workout session try to do it before you go to bed at night – it can be meditative too.

4. After a long workout use lotion to easy your achy joints. Rosemary and thyme are great for soothing muscle ache. Lavender will also ease any pain. I like to add a splash in a bath for pure relaxation.

5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say in again… You have to have a rest day. It gives your body time to relax and recover. It’s also ideal to go to bed early so your body can repair while you sleep.



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