Seared salmon on mushroom and rice noodle stir-fry

You will need:
100g dried rice noodles
2tbsp olive oil
300g salmon fillet, bones removed and cut into 4 pieces
1/2 sliced chilli
120g Shiitake mushrooms
1 handful of mangetout
2tbsp soy sauce

This dish is so easy it’s my Monday night must have. Here’s the recipe:

– Boil your noodles for 15 mins in hot water until cooked
– heat your oil in a pan and cook the salmon skin down over a moderate high heat for 4 minutes so the skin is crispy
– remove the salmon onto a warm plate and remove the skin (but don’t throw the skin away)
– Heat your pan again and add the mangetout, chilli and mushrooms to the pan, and allow this to cook together for 1 minute
– add the noodles to your pan with the soy sauce and cook it all together for 12 minutes
– Serve it all up in a bowl and flake the salmon over the top adding pieces of the skin to the bowl to taste

Dinner is served.



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