Running: Motivation

It can be difficult at times to find the motivation to go out for a run. I am finding it particularly difficult at the moment as the nice weather that we’re experiencing in the UK just makes me want to sit outside and catch as many rays as possible. But, I don’t want to let my fitness slip so I’ve found a way to motivate myself to run…

The Nike+ app. It’s by no means new; I’ve been using it for the last two years but until recently I kept my account very private and avoided having any of my friends on there. I finally gave in about two months ago and started to add friends on the app and now I can see the real benefit of this as it gives you a real sense of competition. On a weekly basis the app shows how many miles each person has run and then highlights who’s out in front for the month. If you’ve got a bit of a competitive streak you won’t want to come last – I know I don’t – so it forces you to get out there and run.

The greatest thing that I’ve found is you’ll actually begin to increase your miles each week as more of your friends try to make it to the top of the chart and you run further to try and beat them off (or at least stay up there with them).

Nike+ have recently increased the competitive edge of the app by adding a challenges feature which gives you the ability to set a goal and challenge your friends to try to achieve it by a certain date. I haven’t tried this out yet but I will be in the next few weeks so I’ll let you know if it boosts my training to the next level.

If you are struggling to find the motivation to run I would recommend giving this app a try, it really does push you to achieve, in a competitive but friendly way of course!



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