Keep Running


I suddenly realised the other day that running has been my sport now for over 4 years. By that I mean that I’ve managed to keep up my running plans for this amount of time without taking months off at a time, or even weeks! The reason for this is simple, running is a form of exercise that can fit into even the busiest schedule.

I thought I’d share a few thoughts with you to help you maintain your running program too…

Fit in your training when you can.
I travel into London everyday for work which makes time tight in the week. To keep up my running in the week I run from my office to the train station on the way home from work, which is approximately 1.5 miles. This is great as it allows me to fit short but fast runs in during the week. I normally throw all of my work clothes into a rucksack so I don’t end up leaving my wardrobe at work which is another bonus as it adds strength work into my weekly training, especially in the winter when I have to fit a heavy coat into my rucksack.

Find a way to motivate yourself.
As I mentioned earlier this week, I use the Nike+ app as it gives me a competitive need to run – so I stay ahead of my friends on the app! But if this doesn’t work for you try running with someone else so you motivate each other. Alternatively you could set yourself regular goals. For instance, sign up for a few 5K or 10K races so you force yourself to maintain your training plans.

Make your runs enjoyable.
Head outside and explore a new area by running in a different place each time (make sure you tell someone where you are going for safety). I love running through fields and discovering tracks and houses that are hidden away. You could even drive to a different area and explore somewhere completely new – just make sure you map out your route so you don’t get stressed or lost during your run.

Make running ME time.
Running can be a great way to relieve stress and just have some time to yourself to listen to your favourite tracks. It can even give you the time to think clearly about the things that are stressing you out without having to concentrate on anything else. So go on indulge in your running time and don’t give it up for anything!


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