Beauty: What’s in your cupboard?

I’ve started to adapt my skincare recently. I run a lot at the weekend so I need to use products that protect my skin from the elements, but in the week some of these products can be too rich for daily use.

In the week I keep it simply and cleanse, tone and moisturise using a combination of Clinique and Estée Lauder products.

At the weekend ahead of a run I’ll put on an rich moisturising cream with SPF to save my face from the wind and sun rays. And afterwards I’ll indulge my skin with Chanel’s (I did say indulge!) Le Weekend De Chanel. This cream is a turbo charger for your face and packed with glycolic-acid goodness to rejuvenate skin following a tiring week at work and long training session.

I like to take this one step further on a Sunday with an enriching face mask, Origins or Kiehl’s are normally top of my list. Well, once the training sessions are out of the way the weekend is all about relaxation, isn’t it?

Do you change your beauty regime so it can keep up with the challenges faced by a heavy training program?



One thought on “Beauty: What’s in your cupboard?

  1. BougieHippie

    Yes I have a staple of treatments I use but as far as products I do change it up not only for different season but also I don’t want my skin to get use to my regime and the products stop working.

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