Health: And so to bed…

Want the secrets to younger looking skin? It turns out that Sleeping Beauty has been trying to tell us something: sleep is the only way to rejuvenate your skin.

Cosmetic giant Estée Lauder’s latest study highlights that sleep is the best way to keep your skin firm and fresh. So, we can all have a few more winks without feeling guilty.

The research showed that of the 60 people recorded the ones who spent more time tossing and turning in the night rather then getting solid sleep were more likely to develop wrinkles.

All of the people were monitored over three days and during this period their skin was tested for various signs of ageing. Those who didn’t get enough shut-eye suffered from redness and reduces a elasticity .

Assistant professor Elma Baron from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine stated in this research that without sleep your skin cells can’t function as efficiently, which makes it harder for your body to repair damaged skin.

Try to fit in 8 hours of solid sleep a night for a week and see if you can notice a difference in the condition of your skin. I’m certainly going to give this a try. You don’t need to tell me twice to sleep for a bit longer!



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