Health: Bank holiday food count

The August Bank Holiday is finally in sight, only a few days to wait until we can indulge in a three day weekend, but let’s not overindulge.

The Bank Holiday is a key time for eating out and going to a friend’s house for the summer barbecue. The only downside is that eating out and enjoying summer parties can seriously sabotage your waistline.

Make the most of the weekend, but also make time for your training. If you have that extra day off try out a new activity that you love but never normally have time to do like water skiing or rock climbing. If you have plans to have friends and family over for a summer barbecue then get everyone moving with a friendly game of rounders. It’ll help everyone work out an appetite and get everyone’s competitive juices flowing.

It is also important that you stay treat-wise. A survey of 8,000 people in the UK has highlighted that the average person consumes nearly 3,000 calories at a barbie – that’s 1,000 calories more than the recommended amount per day. Try to wait until it’s all cooked and only enjoy one plate of food. Don’t go back for second helpings. Fill up on salad and lean meats like chicken and avoid grabbing handfuls of crisps – once you start on them you won’t be able to stop yourself, especially if you’re drinking.

And the most important thing… Have fun! If you do go wild this weekend it’s not the end of the world and you can always train harder next week, after all the next stop is Christmas!



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