Beauty: five foods for hair perfection

Did you know that hair has one of the fastest dividing cells in the body? This means that your hair has a high demand for energy, so the food that you eat can make a real difference to how your hair looks and feels.

What should you be eating for luscious locks? Let’s take a look…

Chicken – if you have two portions of protein a day it’ll help to prevent breakages. Ideally, you should have one portion of protein with breakfast but if you can’t stand chicken in the morning try eggs or tofu.

Red peppers – if you’re looking to grow your hair then stock up on foods that are rich in vitamin C. Red peppers and broccoli are fantastic sources of vitamin C as they will also help your body absorb iron more efficiently which again boosts growth.

Dried fruit -to boost the natural volume of your hair you need to increase your vitamin B12 levels. Dried fruit is the best option in this situation, but marmite is a good alternative.

Cherries – pollution can dry out your hair so you need to eat antioxidants to increase your natural defences. Dark fruits like cherries and blackberries are the best option.

Walnuts – it’s crucial that you eat omega-3 rich food at least twice a week as it regulates your body’s oil production.



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