Health: The Risk Of Sitting Down

Good news – sitting down at your desk for more than two hours a day could soon become a thing of the past.

A new study conducted over a 12-year period looking at the health of people aged between 25 – 34 found that this bracket weighed more than their younger and older counterparts.

Around 269 adults are diagnosed with diabetes each day and the rate of diabetes is fives times higher for obese people. It’s important that young professionals move around more during the day for their long term health.

The researchers behind this study suggest that: “We need changes to occupational health and safety regulations so it is not allowed for people to sit for two hours at a time without a break”.

If you have an office job how would you feel about this change? Do you think it would have a positive impact on your health? I feel like I’m running around at work all day but when I really think about it I spend the majority of my time glued to my computer so not moving that much at all. It’s thought that the average person spends 500 minutes a day sitting in a chair. If you’re like me and email most of your colleagues instead of getting up to talk to them and sit at your desk for lunch then you probably fall into this category.

Maybe it is time for employers to consider a ban on sitting for more than two hours. For the long-term health of there employees. What do you think?



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