Hair: Straightening and conditioning


The summer is over in the UK and now it’s time to start thinking about looking after your hair ready for the new season.

It is important to keep your hair looking glossy and healthy, especially in the build up to Christmas. If you’re anything like me, your hair saw a lot of the sun over the summer which causes it to dry out and turn brittle so now is the time to put the love back into your locks.

First things first, test the health of your hair. Pluck a strand from your head and drop it into an eight-ounce cup of water. The faster and deeper it sinks, the less protein and moisture it has. If you hair floats, it’s healthy. Unfortunately, my hair strand sank way too fast for my likely so this is what I need to do to alter my hair’s condition.

Hands up if you straighten your hair every day? Yep, me too! This saps strands of natural moisture, leaving it dull and brittle and if continued on damaged hair, it will become even more brittle and eventually break off completely. Take time on a weekly basis to do a steam treatment and open the cuticles of your hair. Then microwave a big bowl of water for three minutes and put on rubber cleaning gloves to prevent your hands from getting burned. Quickly dunk a medium-size towel into the bowl, wring out excess water, let it cool for a few seconds, and then wrap it turban-style around your hair. After five minutes, rinse.

Alternatively, you can use heat protector to coat and condition areas that are already damaged and weak. Try to also use a dryer with a powerful airflow, which reduces styling time and minimizes heat exposure, and a nozzle attachment to create a safe distance between your hair and the dryer’s piping-hot metal coil.

Do you condition your hair on a regular basis?


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