Tidy Your Life


It’s time to get organised for the year ahead and banish clutter for an instant lift. Check out my 5 tips for keeping on top of things this year:

  1. For and foremost it’s time to tidy your desk. Take 10 minutes to file your piles of paper and beat the mess.
  2. Swap your beautiful notebooks for the digital counterparts. Use the calendar on your mobile phone and download your mobile banking apps so you can keep everything in one place. Electronic apps are a great way to reduce clutter and keep you on top off your daily tasks.
  3. Clear out your unwanted clothes and put them on eBay you’ll make a quick buck!
  4. Everyone loves a to-do list; they are one of the best ways to keep everything in check. It’s time to write your list and make sure that you do one task on the list during every lunch for a week it is the best way to get to the bottom of it all.
  5. Combine your catch ups with your workouts. If you are always meeting your mates instead of heading to the gym it is time to start doubling up past times. Catch up with your friends during a run around the park – you’ll burn calories and find out the latest gossip.

Do you have lots to catch up on and get sorted this year?



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