10 Health Changes To Make Now

1. Freeze your greens: Buy spinach wash it, dry it out on a tissue and then freeze it so you always have it available for a rainy day.

2. Workout harder: Reduce the length of your fitness workouts but make them count. I’d recommend the 30 Day Shred it’s a 20 minute workout that burns – you’ll definitely notice it the following day!

3. Juice: Invest in a blender and put it to good use buy making five interesting but healthy juices a week.

4. Try new things: If your running route is getting boring mix it up and try out a few new fitness classes. You might discover your new sport.

5. Take time: This is the year to start looking after your hair and skin too. Use seasonal products that will nourish your skin and protect your hair come rain or shine.

6. Leftover lunch: Make more for you main meals and take the rest to work for lunch. It will save you money and you can control the calories.

7. Time for tea: Enjoy the goodness of herbal teas. Try to only drink herbal teas such as Green or Peppermint during the day to help you avoid coffee.

8. Sleep: A good night’s rest is vital so aim to get between 7 – 10 hours every night.

9. Swim: Try to head to the pool once a week as it will keep you active without having any impact on your joints.

10. And finally… Indulge: Don’t cut out fun foods completely but indulge in moderation. For instance swap a chocolate bar for two squares of dark chocolate and white wine for gin and tonic.



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