Thai Green Chicken Curry

Thinking about the weekend already? I am. Instead of rushing for the takeaway menu this weekend I’m going to create my own quick and easy Thai Green curry recipe. Takeaways can be convenient but sometimes it’s just as easy to make the dish at home, and what’s more you know exactly what is in it and you’ll probably save some money too. What more could you ask for?

I thought I’d share my simply recipe with you…for this dish you will need:

100g chicken or turkey breast, diced
1 green peeper
1 red chilli
1 can of coconut milk
1tsp of Thai green coconut paste
A pinch of coriander
50g brown rice

And the method…

Pan-fry 100g of chicken or turkey breast with 1 green pepper, sliced and 1 red chilled (deseed to reduce the heat). Add a can of coconut milk and 1tsp fresh Thai green curry paste. Season with coriander and serve with 50g of brown rice. Delicious!

What’s your favourite indulgence food?



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