Winter Fixes

Don’t let the cold weather and dark nights zap your motivation. Give your mood a boost with a few diet and fitness tweaks.

The cold weather might make you want to stock up on carbs but try to replace this with fruit. Load up on turkey, milk and eggs to keep you feeling full and increase your serotonin – the happy hormone.

Basmati rice can also work wonders to improve your blood sugar levels. But most important of all is breakfast; enjoy the beginning of the dark with a healthy breakfast of porridge.

Get outside and enjoy the world. If you don’t fancy running in this weather go out for a long walk. A pre-breakfast workout can give you mood boosting endorphins. The lack of light in the winter can leave you feeling lethargic so it’s important that you keep motivated and moving.

The main things your body needs if you can’t do any of the above this winter are:

Vitamin D – between 1000 – 2000 IU daily

Cod Liver Oil – it has vitamin D and A that your body needs this time of year.

Lavender and geranium oil – massage them into your pulse points for a feeling of relaxation and comfort this winter.

Do you stay motivated to exercise and eat right in the cold winter months?



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