Beauty Tips: How to reduce bags under your eyes

I’ve started to show the sign of my commuter lifestyle…with dark circles under my eyes. There is no scientific way to reduce dark circles but there are plenty of popular treatments that are all worth a try. I’m going to test them over the next few weeks to see which one helps to combat my under eye bags. Here are the five treatments I will be trying:

1. Sliced potato seems to be the most popular option. Slice two circles from a potato, refrigerate it for 10 minutes and then rest it on your eyes for 20 minutes. The chemicals in potatoes help to naturally whiten the skin around your eyes thus diminishing those pesky bags.

2. Alternatively, you can gently place a chilled bag of green bag (wet the bag before chilling it) over your eyes for 20 minutes. The herbal properties in the tea bag will release to soothe your eyes.

3. If you prefer not to use food as a dark circle solution there is always water. Yes water. Place a spoon in ice cold water and then place it over your eyes for 20 minutes. It’s ideal to have a few spoons on the go so you can alternate the spoon every few minutes to keep things cold.

4. The good old cucumber slices. Place one slice over each eye for 30 minutes and rest. The anti-inflammatory properties in cucumbers reduce puffiness and help to brighten circles.

5. An obvious one…sleep. Research suggests that a 15 minute power nap can trick the body into believing that you’ve had a full night sleep. So hit the pillow!

If you have any tips or advice on this subject please let me know below.



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