The importance of hair conditioner

I’m awful when it comes to conditioning my hair and I never do it on a regular basis. This is mainly because I have oily hair and I find that conditioner just makes my hair greasy. My hairdresser was shocked to discover this the other day when I had my hair cut and recommended that conditioner is necessary as it acts as a soothing balm for tortured hair. According to my hairdresser it tends to work on hair just the way a medicine would work on an injury. My lack of use meant that the signs of damage would surely start showing as time passes. Broken, untended, and damaged would become the way to describe my hair after every shampoo if it were not for the hair conditioning. It is safe to say that I am now using conditioner after every shampoo (Electric London conditioner) – so far no complaints and my hair doesn’t appear greasy the following day – and here are 5 reasons why you should too:

1. Nourishment: Shampooing removes dirt and grime, at the same time it also removes nutrients from scalp and hair. It is therefore imperative that the lost nourishment is replenished immediately. Not doing to would result into weak and easily damageable hair.

2. Protection: Conditioning hair means you are protecting it against breakage and also the climatic and environmental conditions like excessive sunlight which can cause hair to dry and break easily.

3. Moisturising: Conditioner is also an excellent moisturiser. It ensures moisture lost during shampooing is replenished. Well moisturised hair will not break easily. These also remain soft and silky.

4. Strengthens: Strong hair is undoubtedly the most beautiful hair. Strength comes only after the hair is strong and healthy. Healthy hair will always have its own shine and bounce. It will also have its own body, so will not dry or look disheveled at any point of time.

5. Smoothening: Many women and men have problem of hair breakage and hair fall especially when they are combing it. This can be because the there is a tendency to tangle and therefore, whenever a comb passes through it weaker hair tend to break. The conditioner will smooth your hair, so whenever a comb passes through it, it comes out and gives you the look you desire without breaking a single hair.

I love the conditioner that I’m using but I’m keen to hear what you’re using as I get to know conditioners better. What conditioner do you use and would you recommend it?


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