Summer Skincare

With the heat of the sun beaming down it is important to take care of your skin in the summer months.


Stay safe in the sunshine with the following tips…

1. Cover up

Make sure that you cover up in the midday sun with a stylish hat and good quality sunglasses. Getting sunburned will increase your susceptibility to skin cancer in later life. Who wants to look like a lobster?! Sun creams do protect you from getting burnt but they don’t protect you from the suns damaging effects – so cover up to protect yourself from UV.

2. Know yourself…

Check for any new moles and take note of existing moles that are darkly pigmented, change in colour and/or size, have an irregular outline and itch, bleed or crust. If you are unsure or concerned that you may have one or more of these symptoms, visit your GP.

3. Know your chemical sunscreens from your mineral sunscreens

There are two main types of sun cream: chemical and mineral. The main difference is that chemical sun care products need to be applied 20 minutes before sun exposure while mineral sun creams work right away. That’s because mineral sun creams form a protective barrier on top of the skin while chemical sun creams contain UV filtering ingredients that need to be absorbed.

4. Reapply sunscreen regularly

Apply liberally and evenly every four hours and each time you get out of the water. Don’t forget commonly missed areas like your ears, under your chin and the soles of your feet. Alternatively, if you don’t want to be slapping sun cream on every couple of hours try a long lasting lotion. Most are non-greasy and sweat/water resistant.

5. High-tech sunscreen?!

If you would like something a little fancier, try Gel Cream Colour SPF 50, which offers advanced protection both on the skin and from within. It is the only UV protection to contain Fernblock Photoimmunoprotection Technology – a plant extract clinically-proven to protect skin from damaging effects of sun exposure.

6. Eat a skin-boosting diet

A good diet with plenty of fruit and veg will boost antioxidant levels in your body to help strengthen skin so it can cope better with the sun.

7. Don’t get me wrong…

While it is really important to make sure that you protect your skin from harmful sun exposure, your body actually needs some direct exposure to the sun. Around 50% of adults in the UK have low levels of vitamin D which could be solved by 20-30 mins of sun exposure up to three times a week. It’ll make you feel happier too!


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