WATER: The importance of H20

According to a recent infographic that has been launched by SOMA – the sustainable water filter company – water is the best quick fix for your skin. The infographic shows the way your face and body suffer without enough H2O.

Not drinking enough water can affect your skin, eyes, weight, hair and nails, as well as making you groggy, hungry and grumpy. Bad hydration can also leave bags under your eyes, acne and dry skin.

More water helps you to lose weight – drinking two glasses about 20 minutes before a meal helps shed the pounds. It removes by-products of fat, reduces hunger, raises your metabolism and has zero calories of course.

It also gives you strong hair and nails, clearer eyes and smoother skin. And it provides a valuable boost to your immune system, helps regulate digestion and helps prevent ageing and wrinkles by moisturising your skin and helping keep it smooth.

So, whether you drink warm water and lemon, herbal teas or keep a refillable bottle or flask on your desk at work, this infographic will undoubtedly motivate you to keep hydrated.



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