My SUPER secrets…


I’ve started a new health regime that starts with me enjoying a fresh homemade (by me) smoothie every morning. My wake up drink is packed with goodness; I use a small avocado, a banana, a handful of strawberries and my secret ingredient Maca powder! Maca powder is full of calcium, iron, vitamin C and amino acids and it is just what you need to help you feel ready for the day ahead.

Another little gem is Rose Water as it helps to aid digestion and detoxify your body, and all you need to do is add a dash to your drink. Who doesn’t want beautiful skin and a trim body? I am now addicted to it as my skin has never felt so good.

One ingredient that I’m still trying really hard to love is Cacao. Most refer to it as raw chocolate (I still can’t see how it compares in taste to a bar of Galaxy!). It’s a natural sugar fix that provides a smoother lift than coffee and acts as a reminder to be more sensitive. I am still trying to integrate this into my diet but it’s hard when you try to replace chocolate for Cacao. Do let me know if you’ve managed to make this transition and how you feel now?

My final secret is hemp-seed oil. It is a delicious superfood that I add to salads or smoothies as I’m fussy when it comes to eating too much meat. Hemp-seed is the perfect alternative as just 10g can provide as much protein as an egg.

What are your health secrets? Have you recently discovered a new superfood that’s really working for you? Let me know below.



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