For the love of Running

A short note on running…


I joined a gym earlier this year and now I feel like I can’t run because I have to swim or attempt to lift weights at the gym to get my money’s worth! The problem is that I don’t put as much effort at the gym as I’m always very aware that there are a lot of people around me. And I can’t stand using gym equipment when it is packed with men as I begin to feel that I’m getting in the way of someone else’s workout.

This got me thinking…running is the ideal sport…. I can run anywhere at any time (as long as I have my kit), fit short runs in when I’m short or time and long runs in when I want to have a solid workout. The best thing about it is that I can enjoy my own thoughts when I run without being interrupted by anyone else and if I am running outside I don’t have to worry about getting off a machine for someone to get on.

I’m not going to cancel my gym membership because I need to have rest days from running and swimming is the ideal bridge for these days, but I am going to run when I want a feel a like less guilty about not going to the gym.

Do you have a gym membership? How does it impact your running? And how do you cope with all of the guys pumping iron at the weight stations?


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