The fashion bubble

I’ve been awful at posting recently because I’ve been so wrapped up in work. I work for a fashion brand and the summer was a really busy time with work events and launches. Excuses, excuses!
The new season calls for me to be more organised and get back to posting.

Here are a few updates since I last posted which explain my silence:

  1. I moved house – my weekends have centered on me running around DIY stores rather than the park
  2. I got engaged – So I really need to start running around the park again!
  3. I went to NYC – it was a work trip (I love my job) but it has meant playing catch up and lots of extra work

I’m back now though with a new gym training regime and a wedding body to work on. Help!


Acne Solutions 


Spots are a pain to deal with no matter how bad you get them. Everyone wants clear, picture perfect skin but it isn’t always that easy. Good cleansers, toners and moisturisers can be expensive so it is worth try a few at home remedies to see if you can get them working for your skin.


It is true to say that home remedies aren’t as glamorous as industry cosmetics, and there is nothing beautiful about putting lemon juice, apple cider vinegar or crushed garlic on your skin. They all smell a little funny and tend to be messy to apply. Lemon juice has a drying effect that can calm problem areas and apple cider vinegar is packed with lactic acid that can soften skin – it’s a great alternative toner. Garlic can be the real winner for your skin though, with zinc and calcium properties it acts as an antibiotic and cleans the skin. It’s great for a weekly treat for your face (disclaimer: the smell might linger for a few days!).
An old favourite is honey – used for many at home remedies – but have tried it with cinnamon? Honey is antibacterial, hence why we use it for sore throats, so it can kill the bacteria that causes acne. Cinnamon is anti inflammatory so when paired together you can soothe and repair your skin.
Two surprising at home antidotes are tomatoes and potatoes. Tomatoes are great for your skin and the natural acidity in them can dry your acne out. You could mash them up to create a face mask or slice then up and place them on your face – although it is a task try to get the slices to stay in place! Potatoes are high in vitamin C (which repairs your skin from the sun) and vitamin B (which is great for skin regeneration). Shred a potato up and wear it as a mask to prevent wrinkles (you could even add a dash of honey into the mix to glue it all together and heal your skin).
Finally, the most soothing of the bunch CUCUMBER! It’s perfect for hydrating as cucumber is 95% water. It will remove dead cell and clear pores. Grind it up with water and use as a face wash to moisturise your face.
Not all of these treatments will work for everyone and let’s face it you won’t want to try them all. But I find some of them a real treat for my skin and enjoy making them for a little at home pampering session every now and then.
Do you have any beauty remedies for acne that you can share?

Love Lija

Have you heard of Lija? I hadn’t either until late last year and now I am head-over-heels (or should that be trainers?) about the Canadian sportswear brand.


Lija is a Canandian brand that was created by Linda Hipp as a fusion of performance apparel and modern, innovative style. The brand draws inspiration from current fashion trends and integrates the performance and functionality that women need to perform at their best. Combining technical features with feminine silhouettes, luxury fabrics, intricate design details and beautiful colour palettes, results in original and unique pieces.

Hipp explains:  “It’s always been my goal to create fashionable athletic clothing that allows creative, independent women to look feminine and express their unique style while feeling comfortable and confident.”

For LIJA’s SS14 Collections the company has focused on Studio, Run and Tennis; three beautiful colour stories filled with inspirational silhouettes that will help women to push the limits in style without having to compromise on functionality. I personally love the run collection with its bright aqua tones and mesh netting that runs down the legs to let in any gentle breezes (I’m sure it has a technical purpose too). I recommend that you check out the collection for AW14 to give your training a fashionable edge!

Rainy Day Beauty Essentials


Let’s face it; rain plays havoc with your beauty regimen.

Sometimes, especially if you’ve left the house without an umbrella (which I often do!), you end up looking like you’ve spent hours crying, as your mascara and eyeliner make their way down your face. And then, joy of joys, if it’s got really far down, you look like you have a little bit of stubble!

Hair is also another loser when it comes to wet weather. It’s either a totally tangled mess or, once it’s dried, you resemble Monica in Friends when she went to Barbados.

So, what do you do when faced with the prospect of looking completely un-groomed? Here are 10 beauty products which will save you from looking like a drowned rat. Unless that’s the style you’re going for, of course.


Hair: Straightening and conditioning


The summer is over in the UK and now it’s time to start thinking about looking after your hair ready for the new season.

It is important to keep your hair looking glossy and healthy, especially in the build up to Christmas. If you’re anything like me, your hair saw a lot of the sun over the summer which causes it to dry out and turn brittle so now is the time to put the love back into your locks.

First things first, test the health of your hair. Pluck a strand from your head and drop it into an eight-ounce cup of water. The faster and deeper it sinks, the less protein and moisture it has. If you hair floats, it’s healthy. Unfortunately, my hair strand sank way too fast for my likely so this is what I need to do to alter my hair’s condition.

Hands up if you straighten your hair every day? Yep, me too! This saps strands of natural moisture, leaving it dull and brittle and if continued on damaged hair, it will become even more brittle and eventually break off completely. Take time on a weekly basis to do a steam treatment and open the cuticles of your hair. Then microwave a big bowl of water for three minutes and put on rubber cleaning gloves to prevent your hands from getting burned. Quickly dunk a medium-size towel into the bowl, wring out excess water, let it cool for a few seconds, and then wrap it turban-style around your hair. After five minutes, rinse.

Alternatively, you can use heat protector to coat and condition areas that are already damaged and weak. Try to also use a dryer with a powerful airflow, which reduces styling time and minimizes heat exposure, and a nozzle attachment to create a safe distance between your hair and the dryer’s piping-hot metal coil.

Do you condition your hair on a regular basis?

SS13 iPad Case

Picture1I recently treated myself to a new iPad Mini – I’m a commuter so I need it to make my train journeys more bearable. Obviously, as with most Apple products, I would need to buy a stylish case to protect my new toy.

Annoyingly I found it really difficult to find a good iPad Mini case. There seems to be a whole host of iPad cases on the market but very few retailers have introduced the mini versions. There were literary covers, like this Pride and Prejudice case available on, which I would have loved had it of been available in the right size. And a beautiful vintage brown case on eBay that would have been ideal, but again it was for the iPad not the Mini! I thought that this might be a sign that it was time to invest in Mulberry, but they still don’t have Mini cases in their collection.

I was beginning to think that I couldn’t win on this one, and that I was going to end up with a rather boring Apple Picture2case (which is perfectly fine, just not what I was looking for). Fortunately, after a bit of hunting, I was able to find a small collection of mini cases on Amazon by Tuff-Luv. I now own a beautiful white leather case with a tan brogue finish. It’s an ideal case as it features two stands so you can stand your iPad up to watch films in landscape or portrait, and there is also a hand-sleeve so you can comfortably hold the mini up while reading too. It’ll suit me perfectly for SS13 and hopefully there will be more cases available this autumn!

This was a bit of a random post but I just thought I’d share my frustrations over finding iPad Mini cases to see if you’ve had similar difficulties too?!

The Right Running Jacket

The forecast for January looks bleak which isn’t great when you’re training for a marathon. Hoodies are far too sweaty so the only option is a good running jacket (one that shields you from the wind and also saves you in the rain).

For years now I’ve been wearing an old university hoodie for my runs, but that was when I could afford to miss a session if it was raining. Not anymore. I now need something more, something that will not allow me to make any excuses when it comes to going for a run.

So I’ve spent a bit of time of the last few days researching running jackets, ahead of my new purchase. I want a jacket that is functional but also one that I’m happy to wear. I don’t wish to sound cheesy but I believe that if I feel good wearing it I’ll be able to run without any issues, it’s true. And it’s not going to be dark in the evenings forever so I can’t have a jacket that I am embarrassed to be seen in!

Here are few of the styles that have made my shortlist:


Sweaty Betty  Protector Run Jacket £65.00

Picture3 Nike Vapour Women’s Running Jacket £65

Picture1Sweaty Betty Velocity Run Jacket £99.00

Picture5Nike Lady Windfly Running Jacket £29.99

Picture4Nike Lady Storm Fly Running Jacket £39.99

I still don’t know which one to select! Which would you go for?

Romeo Beckham


Romeo Beckham makes his modelling debut this week in Burberry’s spring/summer campaign, shot by Mario Testino. The charismatic ten year old stars alongside Burberry regulars Edie Campbell and Cara Delevingne and is the youngest addition to the brand’s ever expanding cast of models, musicians and actors.

I happen to think that this is a good move for Burberry and an even better move for Romeo Beckham. What kid doesn’t long for a Saturday job as a Burberry model?

It looks like he had fun in the shoot, which is important at his age. He looks adorable in each picture and working with a quintessentially British brand such as Burberry is a great move for Romeo’s future.

To top it off mummy Beckham has announced that she’s launching a new ecommerce store. It’ll be a very merry Christmas in the Beckham household.

Spotlight On Christian Dior

I’ve always admired the work of Christian Dior for the way that he changed the face of fashion in the 40’s with his New Look.

It is remarkable to think that this fashion house was able to succeed so greatly in Paris in the aftermath of World War Two and this just goes to show how wonderful Dior was at dressmaking.

Who was Christian Dior? Dior was born in 1905 and started his fashion career in the 1920’s when he started selling his fashion sketches. He then went into the world of Haute Couture as a designer for Lelong.

In December 1946 Dior took a risk and left Lelong to start his own fashion house. It was the war that inspired Dior to set up his own house, and according to his biography he felt that ‘as a result of the war and uniforms, women still looked and dressed like Amazons’ – I love the idea that bad dress sense in Paris could lead to a fashion revolution.

Here are my favourite Dior images…



Fashion has its own moral code however frivolous: when someone objects to the fact that certain of my toilettes are ill-suited to the serious time in which we live, I reply that a period of happiness is no doubt on the way, when these frivolous fashions will come into their own. The great adventure which constitutes Parisian couture is not merely a Temple of Vanities: it is a charming outward manifestation of an ancient civilisation, which intends to survive.  – Christian Dior