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Cambridge In Pictures

I thought I’d inspire you for the weekend with a few snaps of Cambridge. Isn’t it beautiful?

There are so many great things to do in this city; my top five are:

  1. Go punting
  2. Visit King’s College
  3. Buy a Cambridge Satchel (when in Cambridge…)
  4. Enjoy a slice of homemade fudge at the Fudge Kitchen
  5. Watch a film with a glass of wine at the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse

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I had an eastern adventure this summer when I headed to China for two weeks.

We started in Beijing which was a nice but I’m not sure that I’d head there again. It was very busy and the street markets were terrifying! The Great Wall of China is breath-taking with its views of Mongolia and China. I’d love to do a full holiday just walking the Wall so I could see more of it. It is a tiring walk but you can always toboggan down it, we did.

With the starfish, spider and shark lollipops behind us we got on a sleeper train (again, not something I’d recommend) and woke up in Xi’an. This was a fantastic city. The ‘must-see’ here is the Terracotta Warriors, a sculpted army that was built to protect the First Emperor of China.

After a short flight we landed in YangShao – the most beautiful village I’ve ever seen. It was everything you imagine when you think of rural China: green mountains, water buffalo and waterfalls. This was the most relaxing part of our holiday; we took a boat trip along the river, walked up Moon Hill and cycled through the rice fields.

Finally, after another long journey on a sleeper train, we arrived in Hong Kong. This is a great city, not strictly China, I know, but it’s brilliant for shopping. We became slightly obsessive here and at one point we were literally running through the streets to fit in all of our shopping. It was well worth it though, as clothing, bags and accessories are so much cheaper.