The fashion bubble

I’ve been awful at posting recently because I’ve been so wrapped up in work. I work for a fashion brand and the summer was a really busy time with work events and launches. Excuses, excuses!
The new season calls for me to be more organised and get back to posting.

Here are a few updates since I last posted which explain my silence:

  1. I moved house – my weekends have centered on me running around DIY stores rather than the park
  2. I got engaged – So I really need to start running around the park again!
  3. I went to NYC – it was a work trip (I love my job) but it has meant playing catch up and lots of extra work

I’m back now though with a new gym training regime and a wedding body to work on. Help!


Acne Solutions 


Spots are a pain to deal with no matter how bad you get them. Everyone wants clear, picture perfect skin but it isn’t always that easy. Good cleansers, toners and moisturisers can be expensive so it is worth try a few at home remedies to see if you can get them working for your skin.


It is true to say that home remedies aren’t as glamorous as industry cosmetics, and there is nothing beautiful about putting lemon juice, apple cider vinegar or crushed garlic on your skin. They all smell a little funny and tend to be messy to apply. Lemon juice has a drying effect that can calm problem areas and apple cider vinegar is packed with lactic acid that can soften skin – it’s a great alternative toner. Garlic can be the real winner for your skin though, with zinc and calcium properties it acts as an antibiotic and cleans the skin. It’s great for a weekly treat for your face (disclaimer: the smell might linger for a few days!).
An old favourite is honey – used for many at home remedies – but have tried it with cinnamon? Honey is antibacterial, hence why we use it for sore throats, so it can kill the bacteria that causes acne. Cinnamon is anti inflammatory so when paired together you can soothe and repair your skin.
Two surprising at home antidotes are tomatoes and potatoes. Tomatoes are great for your skin and the natural acidity in them can dry your acne out. You could mash them up to create a face mask or slice then up and place them on your face – although it is a task try to get the slices to stay in place! Potatoes are high in vitamin C (which repairs your skin from the sun) and vitamin B (which is great for skin regeneration). Shred a potato up and wear it as a mask to prevent wrinkles (you could even add a dash of honey into the mix to glue it all together and heal your skin).
Finally, the most soothing of the bunch CUCUMBER! It’s perfect for hydrating as cucumber is 95% water. It will remove dead cell and clear pores. Grind it up with water and use as a face wash to moisturise your face.
Not all of these treatments will work for everyone and let’s face it you won’t want to try them all. But I find some of them a real treat for my skin and enjoy making them for a little at home pampering session every now and then.
Do you have any beauty remedies for acne that you can share?

Love Lija

Have you heard of Lija? I hadn’t either until late last year and now I am head-over-heels (or should that be trainers?) about the Canadian sportswear brand.


Lija is a Canandian brand that was created by Linda Hipp as a fusion of performance apparel and modern, innovative style. The brand draws inspiration from current fashion trends and integrates the performance and functionality that women need to perform at their best. Combining technical features with feminine silhouettes, luxury fabrics, intricate design details and beautiful colour palettes, results in original and unique pieces.

Hipp explains:  “It’s always been my goal to create fashionable athletic clothing that allows creative, independent women to look feminine and express their unique style while feeling comfortable and confident.”

For LIJA’s SS14 Collections the company has focused on Studio, Run and Tennis; three beautiful colour stories filled with inspirational silhouettes that will help women to push the limits in style without having to compromise on functionality. I personally love the run collection with its bright aqua tones and mesh netting that runs down the legs to let in any gentle breezes (I’m sure it has a technical purpose too). I recommend that you check out the collection for AW14 to give your training a fashionable edge!

New Season Styles

Women’s fitness clothing. Not something I’d normally focus on as it is typically unflattering and not something we want others to see us in too often, but thanks to Nike fitness clothing for women is about to take a turn for the better.

For AW13 Nike are launching a new premium range: The Nike Collection. It’s a luxurious line that is only available in London, Paris and on I’m not talking about any old track suit but designer-inspired draped pants, racer back tops and stunning leggings that I’m going to start saving for now.

Stewart Horner, Nike’s head designer has ensured that these beautiful garments are technically perfect too. The sportswear retailer held over 100 fittings with a range of different women to get the right silhouette and fabrics for their collection.

The range is intended to mould to the body like a second skin so it’s great for anyone wants to shave off a few seconds from their PB. And with legging that feature a high waisted perforated bellyband that not only wicks away sweat from your lower back but helps hold in and activate your core, you really couldn’t ask for anymore!

Is there a new womenswear fitness clothing collection that you’re excited about this AW13?

Fashion: Fitness Style

vgbhnjSometimes the clothing that we wear to run in can be painful and leave us feeling a little sore. During the London Marathon earlier this year I found that a label in my running bottoms had caused my leg to bleed from the friction.  This isn’t ideal when I’m trying to focus on my run!

So what’s the alternative?!

Sweat is the worst enemy when it comes to workout chafing so avoid cotton because it soaks up and holds on to moisture.  Instead opt for sweat-wicking performance material that transports it away from your skin.

Another tip is to choose tight fitting clothing over loose kit, as this will minimise friction.

And don’t forget Vaseline – something I neglected during the marathon – it keeps sensitive skin lubricated. It’s great for under arms or where your bra sits!!

Watch your heels!


I saw a very interesting study today about the Achilles tendons (an ache that can really affect your run!)… I’ve provided a brief outline on this here:

Achilles tendon problems are notorious for curtailing running careers and until now scientists didn’t really understand why they are so prevalent and recurrent.

A recent study by experts in healthy ageing from the University of Copenhagen have found that, as with our teeth and the lenses of our eyes, the Achilles tendon is not capable of repairing and rebuilding itself. This means that constant wear and tear will affect your Achilles significantly as you get older. There is no cure for this ageing problem as yet, but I’ll keep my ear to the ground and let you know if I find out anymore on this subject.

Have you ever had a serious or minor Achilles tendon injury?

Running Essentials

photoThe London Marathon is only 8 weeks away. 8 weeks!! My training has been tough and running through the winter has been a real challenge of endurance, but it looks like the worst of the bad weather is over and spring is finally on its way…Before I started training I invested in a few key pieces of sportswear that have been essential to my progression. In my opinion good kit can really make the difference between running and crawling over the finishing line.

The most important item for any female runner is a decent sports bra. You can’t run without one! Wearing a sports bra can prevent irreversible damage to your breasts and it can also make your body more efficiently when you’re running, as you don’t have to worry about the weight of your bust.

Balance Tights, they may not seem like a “must-have” but they have helped me immensely with my training.  On long distance runs I become lazy and struggle to pick my feet up, which begins to shorten my strides and slow me down. High-knee intervals have helped but also wearing Balance Tights helps to me engage my glutes and my core. They are designed to support the lower back, waist and legs and are made with compression technology to speed up post-recovery too.

And finally, my pedometer, or speed watch as I like to call it, has been vital. I invested in a polar watch which has a stride sensor that you attach to your foot. It gives you the most accurate information available on your route and also guarantees that you are working out at the pace.

What are your running essentials?

SS13 iPad Case

Picture1I recently treated myself to a new iPad Mini – I’m a commuter so I need it to make my train journeys more bearable. Obviously, as with most Apple products, I would need to buy a stylish case to protect my new toy.

Annoyingly I found it really difficult to find a good iPad Mini case. There seems to be a whole host of iPad cases on the market but very few retailers have introduced the mini versions. There were literary covers, like this Pride and Prejudice case available on, which I would have loved had it of been available in the right size. And a beautiful vintage brown case on eBay that would have been ideal, but again it was for the iPad not the Mini! I thought that this might be a sign that it was time to invest in Mulberry, but they still don’t have Mini cases in their collection.

I was beginning to think that I couldn’t win on this one, and that I was going to end up with a rather boring Apple Picture2case (which is perfectly fine, just not what I was looking for). Fortunately, after a bit of hunting, I was able to find a small collection of mini cases on Amazon by Tuff-Luv. I now own a beautiful white leather case with a tan brogue finish. It’s an ideal case as it features two stands so you can stand your iPad up to watch films in landscape or portrait, and there is also a hand-sleeve so you can comfortably hold the mini up while reading too. It’ll suit me perfectly for SS13 and hopefully there will be more cases available this autumn!

This was a bit of a random post but I just thought I’d share my frustrations over finding iPad Mini cases to see if you’ve had similar difficulties too?!

The Right Running Jacket

The forecast for January looks bleak which isn’t great when you’re training for a marathon. Hoodies are far too sweaty so the only option is a good running jacket (one that shields you from the wind and also saves you in the rain).

For years now I’ve been wearing an old university hoodie for my runs, but that was when I could afford to miss a session if it was raining. Not anymore. I now need something more, something that will not allow me to make any excuses when it comes to going for a run.

So I’ve spent a bit of time of the last few days researching running jackets, ahead of my new purchase. I want a jacket that is functional but also one that I’m happy to wear. I don’t wish to sound cheesy but I believe that if I feel good wearing it I’ll be able to run without any issues, it’s true. And it’s not going to be dark in the evenings forever so I can’t have a jacket that I am embarrassed to be seen in!

Here are few of the styles that have made my shortlist:


Sweaty Betty  Protector Run Jacket £65.00

Picture3 Nike Vapour Women’s Running Jacket £65

Picture1Sweaty Betty Velocity Run Jacket £99.00

Picture5Nike Lady Windfly Running Jacket £29.99

Picture4Nike Lady Storm Fly Running Jacket £39.99

I still don’t know which one to select! Which would you go for?

Limited Edition Lancôme

lancome-1It’s a great time to start planning for the year ahead. With this in mind, it’s time to think about the make up that we will be buying next season. I don’t normally look to Lancôme for beauty buys, but for SS13 the beauty brand is launching a Limited Edition cosmetic collection called: In Love.  Emma Watson – of Harry Potter fame – will front this campaign, which suggests that it’ll be a simple collection that is perfect for any English rose.

According to Lancôme the Limited Edition line will feature pink and coral shades that are complemented by shades of turquoise and violet, contrasting with luminous pastels of rose petal and almond green. Products will include: a lipstick with a brand new shea butter formula, a fuchsia and orange blusher and a nail varnish in a peachy hue.

I’m really excited to see this new collection in the New Year. The shades are perfect for spring and the pastel colour palette will suit the fashion trends for next season. i’m definitely going to test the new shea lipstick – who doesn’t require a lipstick that has moisturising features? It’ll be great to see how this collection takes off of this beauty brand.

What do you look for in spring make up?